Tate & Morgan

The dilemma faced by many new companies is how to quickly build on early success and consolidate a growing reputation. This is especially true for those who work closely with other businesses and householders, where great service, trust and a good name are vital. This is where a strong brand from the outset is important and Onpoint Design + Print can help young businesses create a powerful corporate identity that helps them grow from strength to strength.
The building and maintenance market is never an easy market to enter. New companies have to contend with competitors who have been around longer or win over the trust of jaded customers who have previously been stung by less scrupulous predecessors.
Contractors Tate and Morgan approached Onpoint Design + Print to create a corporate identity for the business that reflected their core values and establish them as a trusted partner for commercial and domestic building and maintenance.
Creating a meaningful brand that sits comfortably with everyone involved requires a real partnership between the design team and the company we are working with. At Onpoint Design + Print we like to think we can get under the skin of our customers and really understand what makes them tick. We love your ideas and enjoy blending them with our expertise and acumen, but we also understand if you’re simply too busy doing what you love and growing your business to have a great deal of input in the process.
The best graphic design is about inspiration, commitment and having the latest technology that enables our talent to shine on behalf of the customer.
For Tate and Morgan, we brought a sense of tradition to a new company and created a corporate theme to run through everything from stationary and office signage to exploiting the potential of their vehicles as mobile advertising tools with smart company livery. Our artwork was created using Indesign and Illustrator and we used our state of the art Roland Versaworks Printer and our Xerox C70 Digital Printer to create a highly versatile range of materials.