Flitch of Bacon

The Flitch of Bacon at Dunmow is a well-known pub with a memorable name. To mark a new chapter with a sympathetic restoration into a restaurant with rooms, its owners brought Onpoint Design+Print on board so we could create new eye catching signage and a suite of exciting materials that would complement the new brand.

At Onpoint Design+Print we are as committed to what you do as you are and a fundamental part of our design process is spending as much time as it takes us to get a genuine feel for the business, what makes it unique and what the owners want to achieve.

To help this re-born business really bring home the bacon in the most exciting way, we knew we needed some very special imagery to inspire future customers and bring what’s a really unforgettable name fully to life. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words at least and we sourced some stunning imagery of slender bacon pigs set against architectural features to reflect the uniqueness and history of this very special restaurant. We kept the copy understated and let the images speak for themselves.

Great graphic design is about inspiration, work ethic and access to the latest technology that enables the talent at Onpoint Design+Print to shine on your behalf. Our artwork was created using Indesign and Illustrator and the wide range of materials was printed using our state of the art Roland Versaworks Printer and our Xerox C70 Digital Printer and finished by applying to various materials for a range of different uses. This enabled us to create a highly versatile range of materials including menu boards, business cards, letterhead, menus, cards, invitations and signage.