Just a bunch of people who love what we do.


We believe in being brave. We believe in beautiful. What we don’t believe in is the box. Onpoint Design+Print left the box behind a long time ago and we want to show you just what is possible when it comes to breathing life into your ideas.


Our standards are ridiculously high. We understand the importance of getting it right, but we also understand we’re not always going to get it right first time for you. You’re demanding, very demanding, and we love you for it because we are perfectionists as well. We will still love you by the third draft and when you call us at 5pm for that final tweak, that’s really going to be the final tweak bar one.


Onpoint Design+Print is as committed to what you do as you are.

  • graphic design
  • digital print
  • large format print
  • point of sale
  • Our design team is so fresh they should be kept in the fridge. Instead, we just like to keep them in-house where they can light the creative fuse on a huge variety of projects from the large corporate to the most individual.

    Whether you’re an iconic brand, a struggling start up or simply someone planning a personal event or celebration, we share your passion, your commitment and your drive. At Onpoint Design+Print, we can’t help being drawn to people who care insanely about what they do, who live and breathe their business, their product or concept.

    Start the conversation with our design rascals and watch something amazing happen when your words collide with our ability to translate thoughts, dreams, random ideas and the stuff you kind of like into cutting edge design, killer campaigns and eye-popping print. Your audience will not be able to take their eyes off you.

    Whether it’s branding so hot people will need gloves to pick up your product or an invitation so cool it would be hard to turn down, our guys have the technical skills, creative edge and a digital awareness that’s as current as can be to take you through all the bases, from concept to campaign completion.

  • When you were a child did you want to grow up to be ordinary? No, not us either. Like us, you probably also didn’t dream of being dull, uninspired or average. At Onpoint Design+Print, we think there is too much around us that’s flat, colourless and unimaginative such as brochures, leaflets, business cards and (tragically) wedding and special occasion printing that blend into a monotonous background of sleepy marketing, uninviting invitations or unappetising menus, losing their message in a visual fog of white noise.

    Cheer up, it doesn’t have to be like that. Modern Digital Print bursts with endless possibilities; dazzling colours, shades of grey that leap from the page, glittering threads of silver and more variations of white than they have words for snow in parts of Sweden. And guess what? We have the best.

    Onpoint Design+Print has poured significant (some might say terrifying) amounts of our hard-earned cash into the latest print technology which makes us get our geek on. When we’re not lovingly stroking our beautiful kit, it allows us to produce phenomenal quality and beautiful print from brochures to business cards, invitations to insanely eye-catching posters in enviable turnaround times.

    Huge promotion or intimate affair, you don’t want to fade into the background. Whether it’s a business campaign or your personal big day, let us help make sure the people who are important to you can’t stop looking.

  • It’s been said before that size doesn’t matter. Now try Googling “dumb things people say” to see what other priceless pieces of wisdom exist out there and start thinking large format printing.

    Really, if you want your audience to see you, they have to be able to, well, see you. One A3 poster and a jar of boiled sweets is not going to make you stand out when the conference crowds are heaving by. Jaded and merchandise-blind, these people deserve something better. They deserve you to be magnificent.

    We can – quite literally in the case of our splendid wall-mounted light boxes – make your audience’s eyes light up. Beautiful banners, playful pop-ups and downright sexy stands reach out to your customer and inject some desperately needed colour, scale and significance into their exhibition-going experience.

    At Onpoint Design+Print we are constantly blown away by what we can print on, from posters and canvasses that are fairly standard, but never ordinary, to jaw-dropping large-scale window graphics and even self-adhesive wall hangings. We can produce graphics that shrug off the British weather or wrap a vehicle in dynamic colours that will brave the British traffic.

    The technology that allows us to do this is amazing and we are still trying to find its limits. Pushed by Steven’s “nothing-is-impossible” ethos, our team is convinced we can find a way to print anything you need to make you stand out from the rest, so feel free to test us!

  • These days it’s no longer just a case of keeping the customer satisfied, your customer wants to be seduced.

    If your customer has closed the laptop, switched off the shopping channel or pocketed the phone and entered the real world, chances are they’re looking for a spot of love, retail love. Point of Sale displays are your declaration of mutual affection and you need to decide whether to offer your customer a bunch of petrol station flowers or a spectacular bouquet.

    If you’re in any doubt, we strongly recommend the latter.
    Onpoint Design+Print is geared up to help you tell your customers how much you value them in the most unforgettable way. Onpoint Design+Print is geared up to help you show your customers how much you value them by injecting colour, quality and excitement into their shopping experience.

    What’s really cool is we can do it all for you completely in-house. As well as design skills so sharp we high-five each other with protective gloves on, we have poured most of our profits back into top-end digital print technology that uses stunning colour to create maximum visual impact and displays that are impossible to ignore.

    Call us and stop them in their tracks.